One More Startling Pintail Longboard story

I know I’m going on and on about pintails, I just can’t stop, but here is an other good reason to get one.

Was playing Yahtzee from Hasbro and we started to discuss is there would be a pin tail longboard with Dice on it. You know how that goes, everybody challenges each other and there are long and hefty debates – mostly about nothing.

Couldn’t get more happier when I found a pintail longboard which is pink and has 2 beautiful dice on it.



Pintail Longboard with Dice
dice pintail longboard from punked


Its 40 inches long pintail longboard from Punked Longboard (Yocaher), and excellent to get around and relax. And it’s just around $100. Made of Canadian Mapple with 78A grade wheels.

So we settled it and now know there is also a dice longboard, let roll the dice/wheels and go play.



To Pintail or Not to Pintail that’s the Longboard Question?

Using a pintail longboard is a longboard shape that’s quite appropriate for beginners. The pintail name is put on boards that sweeps toward one ‘pin point’ at the tail. It’s teardrop shape is a classic form that has been around since the start of longboarding.

Are there advantages of a pintail Longboard?


The form is fashionable and very interesting to beginners for simple reasons like: stability and price.

They are long, and so tremendous stable. When you want to learn longboarding they are the way to go to make it easy to push and cruise, a pintail board is perfect. Its potential for individuals who solely want a board to commute is staggering, it’s a solid and appropriate shape.

Pin-tails are less expensive shapes to make as a result of their simplicity and general available molds. They wood is pressed flat so the waste is lower too.

They can be provided in a cost-effectiveness manner. A pintail doesn’t contain any kind of bells or whistles like drop downs or double drops, and is makes them straightforward to form.

Other advantage is the immunity to wheel-bite. Any starter can get skating with a pintail longboard, because the slender form prevents the wheels from hitting the board in pretty much any setup combination

Are there downsides to pintail Longboard?


Due to the longer wheelbase (distance between the 2 trucks) a pintail can lead to less maneuverability, it takes a bit longer to make a curve, so tricks are quick slalom are much harder. In general Pintails don’t have a kicktail, so to flip or lift the board is a bit harder too.

Pintail longboards are not bi-directional. So any sort of one hundred eighty degree maneuver will have you ride the board backwards.

Is a Pintail Longboard for you?

A pintail is for cruising and commuting around, so if you want fancy footwork and tricks this is not for you. For beginners and people who want to enjoy cruising this will be perfect if you are short or tall, light or heavy a pintail can handle it.


Pintails are brilliant for beginners and people who want to leisurely get around on a longboard

They are affordable and stable, so you will have great pleasure from the get-go. With they unique designs you can get a very pretty board which will be yours for a longtime.